From the beginning of the activities we have developed and strengthened our experience in the following areas:

Organizational development and strengthening

Especially focused on CSO and CBO with regard

Planning, monitoring and evaluation

Looking at strategic planning, programmatic and to their management systems. operating processes, as well as the design and management of monitoring systems and institutional evaluation of programs and projects. We also implement baselines, intermediate measurements and final evaluations.


Political Advocacy

Mainly aimed at strengthening the representation capability, accountability, oversight, negotiation, formation of coalitions and political advocacy among the most affected populations and in vulnerable situation.

Human rights, stigma and discrimination

Linked to the factors that condition the vulnerability of affected populations and especially in the eradication of stigma and discrimination to such populations.

Assessment of eligibility and performance of country coordination mechanisms

We have been training consultants and making assessments of country and regional coordination mechanisms upon request of the Global Fund.

Development of applications and grants within the framework of the New Financing Model of the Global Fund

We are providers pre-qualified by the Special Initiative on Communities, Rights and Gender of the Global Fund, to provide technical assistance to countries in these processes, before the operation of a project.

Carnival revellers in Trinidad.  In 2007, the Alliance increased engagement in the Pan-Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) as part of its expansion in the region.  [From Annual Review 2007]

Strengthening civil society and communities in the Global Fund processes

The CRAT manages the Communication and Coordination Platform with Civil Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, upon request of the Special Initiative on Communities, Rights and Gender of the Global Fund which consists of regional platform systems.

Political and financial sustainability

Related to monitoring and political advocacy to ensure the proper public funding of the response to HIV and the financial sustainability of civil society organizations through the generation of own resources.

Integration of HIV with other areas...

Human rights, greater participation of people who live with or are affected by HIV. HIV/AIDS, research, evaluation, documentation, integration of sexual and reproductive health, TB, children and drug abuse.

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Gender, gender based violence and sexual diversity

Aimed at strengthening the treatment of gender perspective in health interventions, including prevention and care of gender based violence.


We have wide experience in working with youngsters in the areas of comprehensive health promotion with emphasis on sexual and reproductive health, participation and citizenship.


Focused on the comprehensive health of boys and girls, with wide experience in working with children suffering of or affected by HIV and in condition of sexual exploitation.